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Eagle Technology receives 2017 Milwaukee 7 Export Development Grant

We are excited to share that once again Eagle Technology is a recipient of a Milwaukee 7 (M7) International Export Development grant.

The Milwaukee 7, in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase, offers the Export Development Grant Program to help companies selling a proprietary product line, and service-based companies grow in international trade.

Read more (on Eagle Technology website)…
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A Winner of the Shingo Prize!

One Piece Flow vs. Batching: a new book by Charles Protzman, recipient of the Shingo Prize 2013 for Research and Professional Publications for the book: Leveraging Lean in Healthcare: Transforming Your Enterprise into a High Quality Patient Care Delivery System

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Non Destructive Testing

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is the development and application of technical methods to examine materials or components in ways that do not impair future usefulness and serviceability in order to detect, locate, measure and evaluate flaws; to assess integrity, properties and composition; and to measure geometrical characteristics.

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The Smart Technology

Smart Technology consists of a custom kit which utilizes both high-end hardware and software packages. When designed and interfaced it provides a client the ability to monitor and control events and devices within a residence or commercial building.

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The Smart Factory

As technology advances, the smart factory is developing its own path by full automation redesign. Smart factory technology allows large amounts of data to be communicated via actuators and sensors from the production floor to the control room…

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Eagle Technology Inc. and i-pag Consulting Form a Business Alliance to Better Serve the Manufacturing Sector

Eagle Technology Inc., a world leader in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) and i-pag Consulting, the International Performance Alliance Group, have formed a business alliance in order to bring manufacturers an integrated tool set which promotes efficiency and cost reduction.

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We are an International group of professional experts in Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise, Six Sigma, Total Quality, Operational Excellence, Logistics, Marketing and Sales, Transactional Office applications, Lean Health Care, Short and Long Term Strategies and Cultural Change Management Road Map development.

We can supply Information Technology - IT support for the above activities, NDT Non Destructive Testing as well as AS-9100 Aerospace, ISO-9000:2008 General, TS-16949 Automotive certifications.

Our Team has over 432 accumulative years, average of 27 years per consultants, worked for the top Fortune 500 Worldwide Companies. We are all experienced, hands-on practitioners, teachers/mentors, collaborative problem solvers and seasoned Executive Managers.
Our Team can work internationally in all countries world-wide.
Our mission is to assist companies implement, at both local and international levels, proven methods of identifying and eliminating waste resulting in cost reduction, increased product / service velocity and improved quality processes based on Six Sigma methodologies and the Toyota Production System (TPS) principles, tools and values. We assist companies in aligning production, transactional office and logistics in waste identification and elimination, process and service optimization, and profit control through training, application of proven scientific methodologies and principles in conjunction with critical thinking associated with Lean Six Sigma and TPS within an environment of continuous improvement in a learning organization.
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