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Eagle Technology Inc. and i-pag Consulting Form a Business Alliance to Better Serve the Manufacturing Sector

Eagle Technology Inc., a world leader in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) and i-pag Consulting, the International Performance Alliance Group, have formed a business alliance in order to bring manufacturers an integrated tool set which promotes efficiency and cost reduction.
By combining Eagle Technology’s CMMS software with i-pag Consulting’s lean manufacturing tools, manufacturers can expect to streamline processes and increase productivity. Eagle Technology’s suite of Proteus CMMS products provides manufacturers with comprehensive features which are proven to facilitate manufacturing management. i-pag Consulting’s blend of process improvement services includes quality control, Lean Six Sigma objectives, and productivity improvement.
As international companies, both Eagle Technology and i-pag products and services reach manufacturers all over the world. A 25 year veteran of the CMMS industry, Eagle Technology has translated Proteus software into 13 languages and is used by over 5,000 users in the Americas, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. i-pag’s team consists of 27 consultants, who are qualified experts in their respective fields. With many years of combined experience, i-pag’s consulting team helps manufacturers across the globe reach their productivity improvement goals. Both Eagle Technology and i-pag Consulting can help manufacturers with ISO-9000 certification.
Founder and Team Leader of i-pag Consulting, Michael L. Chan, anticipated that manufacturers will benefit from this marriage of Lean Manufacturing tools with Eagle Technology’s CMMS software, he said: “Together we can help any company or service business achieve their goals in a very short time.” He is also very pleased with forming the business alliance with Eagle Technology: “We are proud to be in alliance with Eagle Technology. This relationship will help drive our mutual Continuous Improvement Thinking to help our clients become more efficient, productive, and financially cost effective,” he added.
CEO and President Harshad Shah of Eagle Technology shared the same sentiment. He mentioned: “The combination of our products with i-pag’s Consulting services will help manufacturers make the most out of their process and productivity improvement goals.”
Both Eagle Technology and i-pag Consulting strive to provide manufacturers with world-class products and services that optimize manufacturing management and operations.

About Eagle Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1986 by Harshad Shah, Eagle Technology, Inc. is a leading developer of computerized maintenance management solutions (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) for the worldwide market. Eagle Technology, Inc.’s software increases efficiency and sustainability in any size organization by helping maintenance operations run smoothly and comfortably with minimum downtime and increased energy savings. Visit Eagle’s websites at: www.eaglecmmsmanufacturing.com and www.eaglecmms.com.

About i-pag Consulting

Founded in 2011 by Michael L. Chan, i-pag Consulting is a Consortium of International professionals with over 432 accumulative years of experience. Providing services to several prominent Fortune 500 companies, i-pag Consults are all experienced hands-on practitioners, teachers and mentors, as well as collaborative problem solvers and seasoned Executive Managers.
i-pag Consultants are professional experts in Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise, Six Sigma, ISO Certification, NDT (nondestructive testing) Certification and Total Quality, Operational Excellence, Logistics, Marketing and Sales, Lean Transactional Office applications, Lean Health Care, Lean Construction, Project Management, Short and Long Term Strategies and Lean Cultural Change Management Road Map development.