The Smart Technology

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Carlyle S. Adams

Consultant | Analyst | Trainer | Coach

Smart Technology

Smart Technology consists of a custom kit which utilizes both high-end hardware and software packages. When designed and interfaced it provides a client the ability to monitor and control events and devices within a residence or commercial building.

The Smart House

Smart Technology for residential applications can be incorporated into a house
with smart appliances, security / fire, HVAC, and backup power systems, so the house monitors and reports events as necessary.

Commercial Applications

Smart Technology for commercial applications can be designed to aid manufacturing with better data and better analytics to assist with more insight into the root cause of any specific shop floor event or process. The root cause makes all the difference in terms of increasing efficiency and quality, while decreasing cost. Smart Manufacturing & the Industrial Internet of Things (SMIIoT)
Incorporates machine learning and big data, harnessing sensor data and automation. The big idea behind IIoT is that smart machines are better than humans at capturing, analyzing and communicating (some types of) data. Through real time data, inefficiencies and other issues are found sooner so answers are found sooner. It’s about collecting and crunching data to make more informed decisions.